Hybrid Solar Power System

What is a Hybrid Solar Power System?  This type of solar system is both connected to the mains power grid, and it has energy storage batteries.  In the past these batteries have been “Lead Acid”.  Right now, we are using Lithium batteries. Super Capacitors may well be used for this purpose in the future.   We use Super Capacitors in our off grid systems.

So lets talk about how a Hybrid Solar System works.  The solar panels, on the roof, feed their power to the inverter.  The inverter converts the Direct Current from the solar panels into Alternating Current that is compatible with the power grid.  The inverter is connected to the switch board which diverts power to the appliances in our house and if there is excess to the power grid.  In a Hybrid Solar System  the inverter is different to a normal Grid Connected Solar System.

This difference is the connection to the batteries.  The inverter can divert excess solar power into the batteries to be used later.  Once the batteries are full, the inverter will send any excess power out to the mains power grid.  When the sun goes down and there is no solar power, the energy stored in the batteries can be used in the house via the inverter instead of mains power from the grid.  The next day the batteries are recharged with solar power as well as running appliances in the house, and the cycle starts again.

See our gallery for photos of our Hybrid Solar System installations.