My first Blog on Baker Renewable Energy

So here we are at Baker renewable energy.  Would you believe we have been installing solar power systems for more than seven years now. A lot has changed over that time.  Solar panels have reduced a lot in price and the technology of inverters has increased.  Just as well I have a back ground in Industrial electronics and Communications.  Some years ago I set up the VOIP network for communications at the Goulburn Ovens TAFE.  Things have moved on since then.  I know I have.

So on our new web site, we have some of the old web site but a lot of new stuff, including the Gallery.  There a few photos of systems we have done, some On Grid and some Off Grid.  We have been installing Hybrid systems of the last few years.  Hybrid systems are becoming more popular now that technology has improved and Lithium Batteries have come down in price.  Installed a Lithium battery on a solar system today.  What an amazing thing.  We think that the customer will only use the power grid as a backup power source.

We still have information on house design on the website.  It is important to save as much energy as we can.  That is the cheapest way to get our power bills down.  So check that page out.

Over the next few days and weeks, I will be posting some video blogs explaining many aspects of renewable energy and sustainable design and sustainable living.  Here at Baker Renewable Energy, we walk the talk.  We live in a solar powered, sustainably design house.  Our office is also here.  So what this means is that the computer I am writing this blog on, is solar power.  Our fridge is solar powered, our TV, etc.  So as you can see, we live it.

Watch out for the next instalment.  Cheers for now.

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